Give Me Liberty or Give Me Meth, Just Give Me Something!

Man oh man!  Talk about your firestorm hot button issues.                  

The development of the Park 51 Project/Cordoba Initiative (ominously and lovingly termed “The Ground Zero Mosque) by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has raised hackles from Long Island to the Baja Peninsula.                

Valet Boy Gets Irate

At first blush, VB was as irate as any Red Blooded Hot Headed American could be.  “How dare they?” I spouted angrily as Stinky Boy looked up at me, his long pink tongue lolling out the side of his border collie jaws.  Alas, he had no response to my question beyond wagging his tail and slinking under the bed for a protracted period of napping.                 

Anymore, with all the news and input via the various forms of media available, it is virtually impossible to get clear, unbiased, fact based information. Everyone with a mouth and a keyboard has an agenda.                  

But, just as Toyota was thrilled by the disaster in the Gulf – it drew national attention away from Toyota’s alleged malfunctioning gas pedals  – the Imam and his supporters surely must be hoping for something equally devastating to divert the ire so vehemently felt across this nation for their planned development a mere 2 blocks from the site of the 9/11 Tragedy.                

This week we learned, from that paragon of Fact and Truth “Inside Edition”, that the Imam supposedly hired a pimple faced teenaged “inventor” from some damn TV show to select the site for the Mosque.  I’ll bet the Kid (reviled now by the other bastion of honesty in news: The New York Post-also owned by Herr Murdoch of News Corp.) wished he had declined those additional 15 minutes of fame.                 

Most Americans don’t know diddly-doo doo about Islam (the religion) or Muslims (those that practice the religion).  What we do know is a mish-mash of misinformation, emotional misdirection, intrinsic fear and hate mongering. A lot of which may be promulgated just as much by Islamic extremists as it is by Fox News and Hate Radio.                

We know that Muslims are becoming dominant in Europe and this scares us.  We know they like to fly.  And this petrifies us.               

They also like to drive taxis, so beware.                

We know that many EU Muslims are poor and living in a Welfare environment that places huge demands upon and strains the social services of their host countries.  Many of which faced Muslim Conquerors in centuries past.  Spain readily comes to mind and the historic site of Cordoba, which when conquered by Muslim Invaders in the 8th Century became the site of their great victory Mosque.  Throughout history, when Muslim Invaders conquered a people, the first thing they usually tried to do was demolish their religious sites and replace them with Mosques.  But, we sort of did the same thing didn’t we?   All Invaders do.          

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

There might be an intellectual link between the Cordoba Incident in Spain and the Cordoba Institute in Lower Manhattan.  Mightn’t there?         

The Imam “might” be the moderate cleric some folks say he is.  He “might” really be a great guy who truly despises what happened on 9/11 and wants to unite communities.         

I say “might” because I have not personally sat down with the Imam and grilled him on the subject like a slab of peppered beef on a Weber.              

Another fear of ours stems from this:  It is believed by some that the EU Muslims follow a dictum of expanding their population to a position of control through sheer mass.  Able in time, to establish Islam as the primary religion in those nations and ipso facto gaining a stranglehold upon and upsetting the sociopolitical balances of those countries and instituting Sharia Law – which is a pretty terrifying thought to be sure.        

World Wide Rule through the Power of Exploding Populations.  This kind of thing scares us, but it is not new.              

In fact, world-famous anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, chief Minister of the “Revised” Nation of Islam, preached the very same concept as a way for Black Americans to rise up and wrest power from “whitey”.        

He has been strangely quiet of late on this most recent event.  I’m sure Louie is talking to somebody about the “GZ” Mosque…it just ain’t Valet Boy.                

America was founded on the principles of Freedom of Religion.  More accurately, the Freedom to Worship – as one deems fit.  (But, let’s not get into the tolerance levels of the Pilgrims or, later on, the Salem Witch Trials – that’s meat for another bar-b-cue.)              

Do American Muslims have a right to practice Islam in the US of A?   Absolutely they do. Without question.                

Do radical Muslim leaders and zealot Imams have the right to use the Constitution of the United States, our freedoms and our laws to create the Muslim States of America?   Absolutely they do NOT!              

Does Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf have the right to build a Mosque?  Sure why not?  He is a Naturalized US Citizen the same as is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the celebrated action hero Governor of California.              

Hell, when I lived in Los Angeles everyone was up in arms because the wealthy Arabs were buying up homes all over Beverly Hills and painting pubic hair on garden statuary like there was no tomorrow… Residents of BH were horrorfied…We thought it was just kind of silly and ridiculous.             

Is building the so-called Ground Zero Mosque 2 blocks from the disaster of 9/11 a wise choice?  At this point in time, I’d say not.           

It doesn’t seem to matter that the new Mosque will go into the space where this very same Imam held services before in the old Burlington Coat Factory.  (That building will be demolished and the new building erected in its place.)        

Nor does it seem to matter that there are already Mosques scattered about lower Manhattan, some as close as 5 blocks from the hallowed ground.         

The fact remains that this Mosque will be newly built just 2 blocks from where the North Tower once stood.  And this has some folks pretty nerved up.        

Reactionaries might easily draw parallels to erecting a statue of Adolf Hitler near the Wailing Wall in Israel.  Or putting a floating sushi bar over the grave of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.              

None of this mitigates THEIR RIGHT to build the Mosque.  But, Valet Boy does ask the question “Why do they feel so irrepressibly compelled to build it THERE?”  I mean, besides the point that they already own the property and were apparently practicing their religion peaceably inside the old Coat Factory before…..             

If Peace, Harmony, Tolerance and Understanding is the motivation, is there less peace, harmony, tolerance and understanding a little further down the road where tempers won’t flair and not-so-old wounds won’t be re-gashed?             

And what about the rumor that the grand opening celebration will be held on September 11th the year the new Mosque is finished?  Do we need a road map to see where this insanity is going?  This has the potential of becoming a true battleground.  And let me just say this, Nothing would disgrace the memories of those who were killed on 9/11 more than a bunch of ignorant savages attacking people in the streets in their honor.          

But, here again….One does wonder about the common sense involved with this issue.  Just because you can do a thing does not necessarily mean you SHOULD do that thing.                 

Valet Boy could have a sex change next week.  It’s my right.  Is it a wise choice for me?  Not really.  I’ve had to perform in drag while in 3 different shows and each time I looked in the mirror prior to making my entrance on the stage, I was merely reaffirmed by Mother Nature that I’d make one Hell of an ugly woman.                  

But, this is an important issue for all of us as Americans.  Why?  Because it goes to the heart of what our Founders asked of themselves, their government and of God.                 

Are there ulterior motives in building the Park 51 Project?  I do not know the answer to that.  It’s possible, of course.  I know that there are plenty of Muslim Americans out there who find this whole mess to be divisive, insulting and in terrible taste.           

Those who are tortured by our “lack of tolerance” should sit back and take a breather.  Look, we have a President whose last name rhymes with that of the most vile terrorist on the planet.  I can tell you now, 20 years ago…No sir..No way THAT would’ve happened. Regardless of his qualifications, they would not even have let him get near a ballot…and let’s not forget the color of his skin.  OMG!  Can you see them spinning in their graves???  Holy Crap-o-lini !      

Miss USA - The Best Thing to Have Come Out of Lebanon Since Danny Thomas

And now we have stunning Miss USA Rima Fakih – a MUSLIM!  What?  Miss USA a Muslim?  Yes.  Lebanese born, NYC educated and a Michigan resident.  Home of Henry Ford’s Detroit Spawn. What is this country coming too, you ask?        

Of course, there could be a dangerous plot here.  Just think of the trouble we’d be in if these crazy extremists got smart and bio-engineered an army of beautiful scantily clad Islamic terrorists and shipped them over here ostensibly as Hooter’s waitresses, beauty contestants, door to door encyclopedia salespersons….What if that’s really Miss USA’s dastardly plan?  Well, all Valet Boy can say is, if she’s packing WMD’s or IED’s – then I want to be the guy who gets stuck with the job of patting her down.        

But enough of VB’s flights of fancy….Back to the Mosque.         

Should the FBI, CIA and NSA track the funding of this Project to determine whether or not it is a front for terrorists and extremists, or at the very least funded by terrorist sympathizers?   You betcha they should.                  

Why?  Why investigate them and not investigate every other religious group within spitting distance of the Memory of the Twin Towers?                  

That may be the simplest question to answer of all:  The 4 pronged attacks which occurred on OUR soil on September 11, 2001 were devised & plotted, exercised & lauded by Muslims.  By Islamic Extremists’ Sects.  Not by Baptists or Lutherans, Methodists or other branches of the Christian Faith.  Not by Orthodox, Reformers or other branches of Judaism.  Nor by Crazed Snake Charmers in the hills of Tennessee.   Or Bovine Adoring Hindus.              

Certainly, one may proffer the hackneyed correlation: “All Dentists are Doctors, but Not All Doctors are Dentists.”                   

Frankly, I am proud that we as a nation did not re-create Mini-Manzanars to relocate and imprison Muslims en masse after 9/11.  Does that mean that there were no secret Islamic Terrorist Champagne and Hooker Parties across the US as the Twin Towers fell?  Doubtless, there were and probably plenty of them.                 

I am proud that WE did not set knee jerk national policy…well, apart from the Fool’s Errand of traipsing off to War in Iraq so Little W. could show Big Daddy Bush how large his weenie was.                  

Should our Government be paying the Imam to travel to Muslim nations and spread the New Improved Gospel of Tolerance according to our Low-Cal Administration?  Personally, I would say not.  But that’s just me. By Valet Boy’s way of thinking, that smacks of the same stupidity as our President telling the head of NASA that among his top priorities was to make Muslims feel good about themselves.         

To Valet Boy that’s just idiocy.  It further stirs the pot of needless trouble and brings into question President Obama’s beliefs giving additional ammo to the Limbaughs & Becks.                

I’m sure Hillary Clinton and the other big brains in the State Department have completely vetted Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, his motivations, his sources, his allegiances.  If they haven’t….well, then at least if anything bad happens we’ll know where to find these guys.  Right where the sacred old Burlington Coat Factory used to be.                 

The only thing that will put this entire issue to rest is if they build the damn thing and it becomes a watering hole for elderly Jewish women to play Mah-Jongg and kvetch.                 

Our Government – and I mean BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE and ALL 3 BRANCHES – is sooooooooo out of touch with OUR reality that Nancy Pelosi is likely to become the First Female President of this Country.  And that my friends will be the day I forfeit my citizenship and move to someplace where they have a little more common sense…such as Somalia or Chechnya.                 

Now VB steps off his soap box.  You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.                  

As always, Thanks For Reading.                 

Valet Boy  


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Valet Boy has risen from the graveyard of forgotten blogs as an occasional hump day publication! Yes, once again Valet Boy will drag his zombie like corpse out into the rarefied faux-literary air populated by lonely but hopeful pseudo-authors with nothing better to do with all their free time than sit on their fat fannies in front of computer screens going blind....or turning Japanese...or both Anyway, thanks for stopping by!
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3 Responses to Give Me Liberty or Give Me Meth, Just Give Me Something!

  1. Leatherwing says:

    Gotta agree. I have a right to do some very stupid things, but that would be … stupid. Not saying building a business on land you already own is stupid, but in this case, very unwise, which may or may not be the same thing.

  2. Philip Chambless says:

    That was Rima Fakih ? I thought it wasVB in drag….. It’s getting hard to tell the difference…


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