About Valet Boy – A brief history in Aspic

Greetings, fellow Meat Sacks!

Below is the original “About Valet Boy…” text that was penned when the blog began back in 2010.  It is now June 2013 and, after a two-year hiatus and the constant begging of three former readers and steadfast fans, Valet Boy once again drags his primordial knuckles across the keys of his Dell laptop to inspire, infuse, instill and otherwise infect a hapless society with what he laughing terms his “wit”….  hold the wisdom and the mayo.

I hope you get the occasional chuckle from Mr. Boy’s posts.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my world and for letting me into yours.


Valet Boy

“Confessions of a Valet” originated during a very dark period.  It was just Post 9/11  –  I had lost all of my money in the stock market crash of 2000-2001.  I had foolishly given my heart (and stray portions of my body) to a woman/child-comedic genius/hockey fan and proceeded to torture myself in true Irish form for my sins. (Lots of drinking, then crying…then more crying which inevitably led to much much more drinking*** I call this my heartbreak diet. Lose tons of weight and a useless organ or two.)

With barely enough cash in the bank to make one last mortgage payment, the only job I could find to which I was perfectly suited was – Parking cars for a hotel/restaurant owned and operated by complete fools and idiots.  (Seriously, that’s not mere opinion – later they would be busted for, among other things, sexual misconduct and tax evasion.)

The frustrations of falling from the grace of a six figure salary in advertising and forced to park cars for a living, sparked the flames that feckless winds fanned into my “Confessions…”  email newsletter.  Jump forward almost 10 years and Valet Boy is mostly sober, mostly older,  mostly fatter, mostly duller and mostly poorer.  But, GOD BLESS those 3 Valet Boy Fans who never gave up.  It is to their intrepid and coercive nigglings and nudgings that I dedicate this Blog….and You Know Who You Are.  Thank you for not doubting me even when I had left myself for dead.

Valet Boy’s Blog site ran for exactly 1 year – ending on April 10, 2011.  It was a wonderful experiment and a great writing experience.  Thanks to my loyal readers and those who just happened to stop by and decided to stay.  The fact that you continue to miss these Sunday morning musings fills my heart with something akin to joy…but may also just be a heart murmur.

Valet Boy aka Jim McKeny


One Response to About Valet Boy – A brief history in Aspic

  1. Philip Chambless says:

    I too was a major fan of Valet Boybut was too ashamed to admit it. Now I’m out of the closet and can again revel in VB’s words of wisdom…. Where do I send the money for the Prayer Cloth????

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