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What Fuels These Motives Be…… or…. Where Have All The Flours Gone?

Dear Readers, Have you ever taken a vacation and immediately thereafter felt you needed another vacation in order to recover from the vacation you just had? Then you know how Valet Boy feels about his almost two-year absence from the … Continue reading

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The New Face of Crazy – An American Epiphany?

I know that many of you were hoping that this week’s Valet Boy would bring the hot and tempestuous conclusion to the latest in my series Tales from the Hollywood Hills.  I’m sorry to put your literary desires on hold, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday USA!!! America the Beautiful – Memory of a Two Lane Blacktop (Driving Miss Peggy part 2)

Wanderlust. That thing in us that makes us want to shirk responsibility, discard our coats & ties, throw off life’s constricting shackles and lovingly accept the invitation of the open road.  I must have been adopted, that my true parents were Gypsies.  … Continue reading

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