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Who’s Up For a Game of Truth or CONVICT-sequences?

Part 2 – Continued from last time: Let’s see now…where were we? Oh, yes…I was just leaving the Chevron gas station about 11:30 PM on a bitterly cold January night lugging a 2 gallon gas can up an on-ramp to … Continue reading

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Valet Boy and the Night Visitor….Hint: It Ain’t 1 of the 3 Wise Men!

I do not recall whether I was acting or directing at the time – much less the name of the show with which I was involved.  What I do remember is coming home to a filthy gory mess all over … Continue reading

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The New Face of Crazy – An American Epiphany?

I know that many of you were hoping that this week’s Valet Boy would bring the hot and tempestuous conclusion to the latest in my series Tales from the Hollywood Hills.  I’m sorry to put your literary desires on hold, … Continue reading

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Freaks, Geeks and Valet Boy…A Virgin at DragonCon – Part 1

  Logo Trademark of Dragon*con  It looked like a Goth/Heavy Metal Sludge Fest, so much black as a wardrobe choice you’d think folks were auditioning for “Survivor: The Mortician Edition”.               There were literally thousands of these pierced, tattooed zombies in a … Continue reading

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“You can’t create a monster and then whine when it stomps on a few buildings” – Lisa Simpson

MONSTERS Part 3 To be sure, Monsters are a subjective lot.  They are an evolving breed.  Birthed from our fears and ignorance, nurtured by our apathy, greed and lust.  To the fervent Conservative, the Monster is a Liberal-Progressive.  Conversely, the Liberal finds the Social-Conservative to be only … Continue reading

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