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Real Men Don’t Ask Directions – They Just Start Shooting!

  Dear Readers, It’s good to be back.  Refreshed, buffed out, tanned and flush with cash…..well, at least in my fantasies. We certainly had a Summer for the records, didn’t we?  And they say Global Warming is all in our imagination. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday USA!!! America the Beautiful – Memory of a Two Lane Blacktop (Driving Miss Peggy part 2)

Wanderlust. That thing in us that makes us want to shirk responsibility, discard our coats & ties, throw off life’s constricting shackles and lovingly accept the invitation of the open road.  I must have been adopted, that my true parents were Gypsies.  … Continue reading

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Tag Me, Bag Me and Leave Me by the Dumpster

Valet Boy wishes to thank the many people who read the previous new improved “Confessions…” and wrote comments, or called me on the phone, or left burning bags of “stuff” on my door stoop to tell me how much they enjoyed … Continue reading

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