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Kidney Stones, Meatloaf and the Mendocino Shuffle

SPECIAL SUNDAY EDITION FINALLY – Part 3 of the latest VB Saga! Dear Reader, Valet Boy apologizes profusely to those among you for whom my absence of late has been particularly distressing.  But, it’s all just a matter of making … Continue reading

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Real Men Don’t Ask Directions – They Just Start Shooting!

  Dear Readers, It’s good to be back.  Refreshed, buffed out, tanned and flush with cash…..well, at least in my fantasies. We certainly had a Summer for the records, didn’t we?  And they say Global Warming is all in our imagination. … Continue reading

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What Do You Serve With Crab Monster Puffs? —— Brains, of course…Yum

Monsters Part Deux    The first movie I ever saw was the 50’s Sci-Fi thriller Forbidden Planet.  Valet Boy was 5 years old and living in the small north central Florida town of Lake Wales.  Mom (Mrs. Boy) was pregnant with the 4th and … Continue reading

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Don’t Tread On Me, I just put on clean clothes.

Monsters Part Uno When the mercury in the thermometer begins to rise – those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer when the humidity and the temperature continuously vie for superiority – Valet Boy’s thoughts turn toward hibernation. Memorial Day was the Unofficial Start … Continue reading

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